Bonnie Brae Church Of Christ

We are servant-hearted people, intentionally impacting the world in the name of Jesus Christ.
Sunday Fellowship Time9:30 AM
Sunday School10:00 AM
Sunday Worship11:00 AM
Wednesday Nights7:00 PM
Thursday Small Group9:30 AM


We consider ourselves a non-denominational and non-creedal Christian congregation.

By non-denominational we mean that while we are certainly part of the body of Christ and members in particular, we see no organizational structure or accountability requirements beyond the local congregation in the church government, as outlined in the New Testament.

By non-creedal we mean that beyond the recorded scriptures we don't rely on any of the church creeds or catechisms to define our beliefs. We believe that scripture speaks for itself and as we learn it we should be able to communicate its truth accurately in our own words.